Mods rules

LeftyPvPAllowed Mods

Edited in 14/08/2021 by Lysoh

Allowed Mods


Schematic or printer

Using schematic or printer to build is allowed.


You can use Optifine to improve your minecraft fps.

Mouse Delay Fix

You can only use mouse delay fix mod that made by prplz. If we found out you are using other mouse delay fix you will get ban.

Toggle sprint or sneak

No need hold sprint or sneak key all the time.


Show your cps (click per second) on screen

Reach Display

Display player reach that hit you (it’s not always accurate)

Motion Blur

Applies a scalable motion blur effect to your vision in Minecraft.


Enable you to see the WASD, left and right click, the spacebar, sneak on screen


All versions allowed.

Replay Mod

All versions allowed.

Ping Display

All versions allowed.

All versions allowed.

Time Changer

All versions allowed.

1.7 Animations

Allversions allowed.

Disallowed Mods


Blacklisted Clients

This includes the following clients;

Any Hacked client.

You will be banned if these are detected on you!


Any kind of cheats that give player advantage.


Auto fishing mod isn’t allowed in server anymore.


Extending the default reach value.

Mob Aura

Extending the damage on mobs.


Any kind of automation like auto clickers, kill-auras and more.


Extending the walk speed.

Injection into game

Anything that injects into the game.

Ping spoofing

Display fake ping isnt allowed.

Any other kind of unfair advantage

Any kind of mods or clients that could give unfair advantage to players will get ban even it’s not listed here.