Server Rules


LeftyPvP Official Rules

Edited in 23/01/2021 by BradleyLitchy

Owner have the rights to change the rules anytime and owner have permission to ban you even if the reason is not stated here.

Chat Punishments: 


Sending 3+ messages in a row containing the same idea/message.

 Chat spamming

(Chat spam) Example: 

User: Come to my island.

User: Come to my island x2.

User: Come to my island x3. 

1st Offence: 7 days warning

2st Offence: 30 minutes mute


Begging staff for free stuff, commands, money and etc

Example: User: Please give me some money.

User: Please give me admin.

User: Give me op

User: Give me staff rank

1st Offence: 7 days warning

2nd Offence: 30 minutes mute



Example: User: You’re just a stupid nigg**

User: You such a black guy

Sending something that can be offensive to a certain culture, religion, or race. 

1st Offence: 3 days mute


Advertising/Encourage player to join other server

Example: User: Come join Hy***.net, free op!

   Example: Who want to play bedwars with me!

Example: Join my discord server….

Trying to get advertisement for a different network, other discord server, any kind of advertisement that doesn’t related to server by posting the IP Address, link or encourage them to join just to play with you in chat, private message or team chat. (Any kind of chat related)

1st Offence: Permanent ip-ban


DDos/Dox Threats

Example: User: I’m going to hit you off if you don’t keep quiet. 

User: This is your ip

Sending other player’s IPs in chat or pms. 

1st Offence: Permanent ip-ban


Selling Accounts

Example: User: Selling this account, MVP on Hypixel, Ultra on Mineplex, And more. MSG me. 

Selling Minecraft Accounts by advertising it in chat. 

1st Offence: 1 day ipmute

Server Disrespect

Example: User: This server is a**hole.

User: This server so bad.

Being disrespectful to server is prohibited.

1st Offence: 30 minutes mute

2nd Offense: 2h ip-mute

3rd Offense: 4d ip-ban


Advertising Videos not Made On The Network 

Note. You can advertise video that made on LeftyPVP but not other server.

Example: User: Like my new video! (YouTube link to video on other server).

 Advertising YouTube videos not made on our server. 

1st Offence: 20 minutes mute 


Advertising YouTube channel or Twitch Channel

Note. You can advertise video that made on LeftyPVP but not other server.

Example: User: Subscribe to my youtube channel..

1st Offence: 20 minutes ipmute


Suicidal Encouragement / Death Threats 

Example: User: kys.

User: I’m going to kill your family.

Encouraging someone to commit suicide or joking about it. Threatening to kill someone or their family. 

1st Offence: 6 hours mute


Sexual Harassment

Example: User: Your *** so big.

User: You don’t have d**k.

1st Offence: 30 minutes mute


Testing staff

Example: User: Come ban me now!

User: U d*ck.

User: Mute me now lol.

1st Offence: 20 minutes mute


Leaking private information

It is taken seriously by staff even it just a joke.

User: His address is ……. US.

User: His credit card number is xxx.xxxx.

1st Offence: Blacklist

Encouraging player to spam in chat

User: Everyone lets spam “MR BOY”

User: Guys lets spam “Lefty”

1st Offence: 2 hours mute

Encouraging player to cheat

User: Use “Vape”, “7cl1cker”, Liquid*** etc.

1st Offence: 2 hours mute


Extreme Toxicity

Note. Toxicity is allowed however you need to control yourself

User: What a loser haha.


1st Offence: 7 days warning

2nd Offence: 1d IP-Ban


Staff impersonation

Example: (Nick names or pretend like a staff in chat)

User: Stop it let me screenshare you (Normal player)

1st Offence: 20 minutes mute


Abusing any command

Example: /helpop, //calc, /me, etc)

1st Offence: 7 day warning

2nd Offence: Kick


Posting harmful links

Example: Links that contain virus or malwares

: Links that related to hack clients or mods that related to cheat

1st Offence: Permanent ip-ban


Begging for unban or unpunish

User: Please unban me

User: I am not cheating unban me

1st Offence: 30d IP BAN


General Punishments:


Disallowed mods or using any software

You can check them out here -

1st Offence: 7 days ipban



Using a modification to get an unfair advantage over another player. This includes if you caught cheating in a screenshare. 

This includes the following; Hacked Clients, Macros, Blacklisted Mods, Autoclickers and Double Click mouses.

1st Offence: 7 days ipban


Ban Evading

Using an alternate Minecraft account to evade a ban.

1st Offence: 14 days ip-ban

2nd Offence: 30 days ip-ban on main account.


Refused to screenshare/Logout while screenshare 

If you are unable to download programs because you lack administrative permissions, or have disabled certain actions with downloading programs you will be banned from the server. 

Screenshares must be done using Anydesk.
You can download this program at

1st Offence: 5 days ip-ban 


Cheats found in screenshare

If our staff found any hack client, ghost client, autoclicker or anything cheat related. You will be punished!

1st Offence: 7 days ip-ban 

Recording when screenshare

1st Offence: 12 days ip-ban 


Admitting to cheat

If you admit that you are cheating you will get shorter ban.

1st Offence: 3 days ip-ban 


Abusing a Glitch

Abusing a bug or exploit on the server that is not intended to be there. 

1st Offence: 7 days warning

2nd Offence: 3 days ipban

If Critical Bug or Exploit Abused: Reset Island or Cell / Disqualified from payout


Assisting a Hacker

Helping a hacker cause chaos on the server.

 1st Offence: 7 days warning

2nd Offence: 12 hour ip-ban



Placing unwanted on someone else’s island.

1st Offence: 7 day ip-ban


Inappropriate Skin/Cape 

Having a skin/cape that is inappropriate 

 1st Offence: 7 days warning

2nd Offence: 1 day ipban


Inappropriate Name 

Having a name that is inappropriate

1st Offence: Permanent ban


Having alt in island top (Different Island)

You aren’t allowed to have an alt in island top. If we caught you having an alt to boost your island position will get disqualify from payout.

1st Offence: Disqualified from payout 



The owner of the island has the right to all items and objects that placed or stored in his or her island that contribute toward island value. This includes money, items, voucher, or anything that can be used to obtain island value. If a team member of the island/cell removes something from the islandl with the intention to keep it for themselves or to transfer to another island.. This can be classed as INSIDING.

1st Offence: Disqualify from payout + All items will be given back to the owner of the island/cell that insided.



 1st Offence: Permanent ip ban + Disqualified from payout

Allying in/ island top

You aren’t allowed to ally with other island. If we caught you allying with other island will get disqualify from payout.

1st Offence: Disqualified from payout 



1st Offence: 4 days ip-ban

Swearing at a player

You are not allowed to swear at players.

1st Offense: 20m ip-mute

Boosting in KitPVP

Using suspicious amount of alternate accounts for boosting in KitPVP.

Example: Anything suspecious behaviour that boosting other player's stats to

boost their stats in purpose will be investigated by our staff team.

Punishment: 7d IP-Ban + Stats Wipe Out

Cross Teaming (Bedwars)
1st Offence - Warn

2nd Offence - 5d IP-Ban