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Lysoh is proud to announce the release of our December advent calendar /calendar
Limited edition items

Don't miss day 25 Claim the rewards you missed and await the riches ahead! 👀 (You can claim rewards from previous days so don't worry about missing days) You may also notice it's now snowing! 
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Join now and start your Christmas with LeftyPvP


🎄 Lefty advent calendar event 🎄 15 hours ago


As you may of guessed, our lovely guy who's been serving you for the past few years has retired. With that being said me and XxTBNRfatxX_ are now the Owners.

LeftCross is honestly a really good guy who's put his heart and soul in to LeftyPvP Since 2019 and even before that with his other server project he had. I've seen some lovely players come and go who are a credit to work with (Some not much) 


I guess what i'm saying is;

Good Luck LeftCross ! Your hard work will never be forgotten and we as a server are sad to see you retire. Good luck with any future endeavours and I hope your future is decent! 


The Future of LeftyPvP - Goodbye and Farewell LeftCross. 25 days ago