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NOTE. If you want to purchase with payment method other than PayPal, choose MANUAL to purchase then please open ticket in https://discord.leftypvp.net/

Your child is playing in an online world, with many other players, each player starts with a default rank, which comes with many features already, but not all of them. When purchasing a package to our server, we reward your child with a higher rank and/or other features. This includes more features than the default rank or enables them to be able to get extra things on the network, therefore making the game experience more enjoyable.

Your purchases could offer us a further and wider possibility for the continuous development and maintenance of all our precious and interesting skyblock gamemode in LeftyPVP. Your contribution means very important to us as we could extend our limitation further on the investment on our server machines, game designs, custom plugins, or even custom configured networking solution. Without you and your support, LeftyPVP would cease to exist. 

Let us express our sincere gratitude that you are here because you would like to support us and this, indeed would be beneficial to the community as a whole. Thank you.

All purchasable items in this store are all Digital Intangible Items, which, under no circumstances, could it be returned. In order words, there is a strict No Refund Policy. Any chargebacks and disputes will result in a permanent IP ban in return from the LeftyPVP. You will also be banned from other major CraftingStore websites by the system automatically, preventing you from donating to other international servers, which are using the system as well.