Announcement Forums Release (February 2023)


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Forums Release (February 2023)

The long awaited forums has finally been released!
Here is some information regarding it's release.

All applications are being moved to the forums, if you submit an application make sure you keep an eye out for replies.
Click here to view applications

All support is still on the discord as of right now. We aren't planning on moving it over to the forums so don't worry, it'll still be easy and quick!

To make voting links for the server more accessible we are going to be creating a page on the forums where all of the links are displayed. This way you can click all the links easily.

Announcements & Changelog

We will be having server announcements & changelogs posted on the forums as well as discord.
The reason for this is because on the forums we can have a thread where you can all give feedback on the announcement or change, this will help with creating an amazing server!
It also will have a lot more information on here than discord, as well as being a lot easier to find.

Future updates & changes
Currently we have no more changes planned for the forums. However, that does not mean to say there wont be any, so keep an eye out.
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