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Important How the staff team works!

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Due to recent events this past week, we are changing our rules and how our staff will be managing things.

Owner - Deals with development, Server maintenence.

CEO - Will deal with ban appeals and staff decisions from Manager.

Staff Management - Deals with staff team and staff reports.

Management Team - They are all set up on their own roles.

Administrators - Will deal with any refunds, slight errors and account transfers.

Development Team - This team will fix bugs from either bug-report or open-ticket from the channels on discord.

Staff Team - Will deal with any help needed in the game (apart from bugs, you must make a ticket for either the administrators or development team.)

This is to make it easy for the owners, we get a lot of messages and it puts us in complete stress, if these methods are not followed, you will not receive any help. With this being said, you must not disturb the Ownership team, we are trying to make LeftyPvP better with new developments, however we are getting disturbed with little things our staff team can manage.

Have a great day you lovely lot,

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